Steve Klabnik weighs in on current Rails trends and how they might affect newcomers to Rails. As a relative newcomer to Rails myself, I have to agree with a quote from the article "Starting Rails today is like starting to watch a soap opera in the 7th season." so I'm pleased someone is taking the time to address this particular issue in today's Rails.
Not rails-specific, but a nice little checklist to go through before launching a site or web application. Can be forked and edited to your heart's desire as well (though the code looks to be in They currently have a generic list, one for sites and plan to roll out checklists for both node and Rails so this should be something to keep an eye on.
CSS sucks, Sass helps. If you don't know anything about Sass, it's time to take a look and this little guide can help get you up to speed pronto.
31 blog posts about Rails 4 from December 2012, tons of neat tricks and info on changes coming to Rails in 2013. I'm really looking forward to playing around with some of the new Postgres features like hstore and arrays.