MojoWare offers technical and consulting services designed to speed up your Rails and mobile development.

Our Process

We are committed to "best practices" and quality control throughout our development process. We ensure this through a thorough requirements review and initial prototyping, building of separate application components, maintaining a continual feedback loop with our clients, careful version control, in-house testing, and collaboration with in-house staff and other development shops.

See the life cycle of our development process below:

  • Prototyping
  • Application Development
  • Deployment
  • Management


MojoWare works with you to determine any special requirements and come up with an overall plan before any programming starts.

Once your requirements are understood, MojoWare creates an initial prototype in Rails and places it on a server so that you can view your initial navigation menus and layouts.

Application Development

After the prototyping stage, a deep dive into development begins with attention to all the details.

Large parts of your application are divided into separate components, and each one worked individually. The components are carefully integrated together and streamlined to deliver you a dynamic and maintainable web application.


Mojoware deploys your Rails application early and often. We deploy your Rails application in the prototyping stage so that you can review the application as it is developed in real time.

This allows you to track the progress of your Rails application and begin testing functionality early in the development process. For Rails apps, we customize our servers to allow for rapid deployment of changes. You see your changes in hours instead of days, no surprises here.

In addition, all changes to your application are tracked by version control systems allowing us to "backup-as-we-go" and allowing us to roll-back any changes if necessary. We always extensively test our applications before we deploy them: you won't need to worry about any disruption in your business.


We are here to support your Rails application throughout its life.

We make your source code available to any other developers or partners you might be working with. You can streamline your development process when more than one department is involved in the planning and design of your application.

We believe that your Rails app should live and breathe well beyond it's initial launch. MojoWare uses a layering approach that allows for your business Rails application to only improve over time, not stagnate.

Now let's take a look at some of the projects we've worked on!