MojoWare offers professional programming services for the development of web and mobile applications.

Our Projects

MojoWare clients are internet business owners and developers. Typically our clients either have an existing web or mobile application they wish to extend, or they are in the process of developing one. They understand the benefits of faster prototyping and rapid product development that is possible with solutions like the Ruby on Rails framework. They usually lean towards open-source software solutions (such as Linux, Apache and Ruby on Rails) to achieve lower cost and more flexibility.

They are looking to outsource their application development either because they do not possess the skills required to develop their Rails or mobile application, or are looking to augment their current resources for their projects.

Do any of the following scenarios fit your situation?

You have a successful internet business and need more resources to support and manage it.

You have an existing Rails application but are in need of some more development support and management for your app. The current Rails app could use a little tweaking here and there, and you are looking for help implementing the changes.

You have a successful brick-and-mortar business and want to extend your business by adding an online store.

You realize that you could sell a lot more of your goods and services if you had an on-line store. You would like to develop an internet presence for your business but do not have the skills or resources available in-house to develop it.

You are a Rails or mobile development shop and you are looking for more resources to work on your current projects.

You have more Rails or mobile work than you have people and are looking to offload some of the work on a contract basis. You would like to do the work for your customer, but the demand on your staff exceeds the number of resources you have.

You are an individual that wants to start an internet business using Ruby on Rails but do not possess the software development skills necessary to develop it yourself.

You have a great idea for an internet business but are looking for a software developer to take your idea and turn it into an online or mobile business. You have the vision but need help with the implementation.

You are interested in developing an internet business such as a social networking site, music site, trading site, or e-commerce application.

You are still evaluating the different platforms available to develop these type of applications, and want to learn more about the benefits of using Ruby on Rails for your project. You would like to discuss your project with an experienced Rails developer.

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, please read on. There is help for you here!

Our clients fall into 3 major categories:

Current Internet Business Owners:

Anyone who is already running an internet business with a Ruby on Rails, iOS or Android application.

Potential Internet Business Owners:

Anyone who is planning to run an internet business and wants to leverage the power of Ruby on Rails, iOS and Android.

Ruby on Rails Developers:

Any business that develops Ruby on Rails applications.

Now that you know a little about the types of clients we serve, find out more about the services we offer!